Grind Mode Tip #7 Find The Right Manager

I haven’t done any Grind Mode post for a long time. I’ve been extremely busy and I know its been time for another one. I recently started following this guy “Bo Money” on Twitter. He’s a music industry dude who knows alot what it takes to get in the business and be successful. Lately, he’s been going on Twitter everyday and dealing with a number of subjects to help artist get in the music business. In less than 140 characters he gives great points about whatever topic he is discussing.

On April 18, 2011 he talked about management and the need for artist to have management. He gave great points about what type of manager to have and what the manager should be doing.

Follow Bo Money on Twitter and check his site out.

Below is a list of some of the tweets he gave…great info.

  • A good #MANAGER is FULL of Dialogue! They should be able to translate your creative side into BUSINESS saavy!
  • You should be able to communicate EVERYTHING to your #MANAGER! A good #MANAGER knows your thoughts and ideas!
  • Now heres the tricky part! YOU are the artist! You create, and entertain… a #MANAGER shouldn’t have TOO MUCH input on this!
  • A good #MANAGER can give you “Feedback” and professional Critiques; but a #MANAGER shouldn’t weight HEAVY on the creativity
  • A good #MANAGER is just that! Not to be confused as a : Producer, A&R or groupie! Even though a #MANAGER should be your BIGGEST fan
  • If your #MANAGER doesn’t have RELATIONSHIPS, then what are they doing for you????
  • Some of you have not made a ripple in the pond because you are under BAD Management!
  • If your #MANAGER doesn’t know what “Mediabase” or “BDS” or “ASCAP” is?!?!? What are they doing?!?!? LMAO #FIRED
  • A good #MANAGER is not your #LoanOfficer… ALot of artists will go broke with POOR MANAGEMENT
  • A good #MANAGER is NOT your BABYSITTER or PARENT!!!
  • Amateur #MANAGERS aren’t established in the industry, so why grab a person who just “Talks a good game”
  • Bad #MANAGERS are all talk no action!!!
  • Good #MANAGERS usually don’t get paid until YOU get paid!
  • A good #MANAGER pounds the “Pavement” along with you! and sometimes MORE than you!
  • If your #MANAGER is ALWAYS on #Twitter and they consider that “Work”… Well, you will be a #Twitter Artist!
  • Most of your bigger artists have (2-3) #MANAGERS… One to watch over the other!
  • #MANAGERS are representatives of YOU! They are to handle your BUSINESS!!!!!
  • Point being! Your #MANAGER is just as important as your PRODUCT!
  • Success is based upon working WITH your #MANAGEMENT… not working and bossing them around, and vice versa!!!
  • Go ahead and scream, Fuss, underpay and Boss your #MANAGER around if you want too! Thats the first person to Steal and Robb you BLIND
  • Finally and MOST important! Make sure your #MANAGER has a clus about paying and filing TAXES!
  • Go ahead and get to the level of booking shows and getting paid in cash from clubs… then don’t file!!! Your #Manager won’t go to jail!~
  • Find a GOOD #MANAGER… if you don’t make ANY money in a year! Find ANOTHER ONE!
  • A #Manager is absolutely someone you TRUST! You better, because they are controlling your lively hood
  • Sub-par artists are usually surrounded by Sub-Par producers and #Managers
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