Delo “Hood Politics 2”

Before I start this review about Hood Politics 2, let me first say I respect Delo’s grind. I did the HP1 review almost a year ago and I’ve been watching him grow. I see alot of movement online (thanks to the visuals from Artis) and some noise being made in the streets. I’ve seen a few performances…the stage show is nice. Keep Grinding mayne…

Down to business…I did HP2 like I do all them. Give it a full uninterupted listening too, jot down notes while listening, organize my thoughts when complete then post the review.

HP2 is a nice project. It has over 15 tracks that cover a wide range of subjects. Similar to HP1 though, the album seemed a bit dark. If I didn’t know he was from da H when I listened to it, I would probably have a hard time believing he was. He sound like an east coast artist. I let my fam up in Philly check it. He thought it was dope and didn’t think he was Houston. Maybe the H could use something different…

HP2 had great production with the likes of Cy Fyre and a few others. Did I mention that he was really spittin on here? The word play was dope, similies and metaphors was nice and the delivery was on point. He mixed in some intelligent sarcasm which is always humorous. I would’ve liked 1 or 2 more features. You can’t go wrong with Devin and Propain killed it. I’d like to hear him with Freeway or even Maino or some local talent like Dee Wreck or HIG

There were a few tracks that stood out to me, like “The Truth” and “One Shot”. “Get Doe” sounds like a track that is ready for the radio. “Over Did It” was one I appreciated…

I over did it with niggas, over did it with niggas
gave him a heart he co-defended a nigga
can’t come around no more, my flow suspended a nigga
sent him to the crib he so resented a nigga
I know I prolly get bigger
2 G’z in the rizza
small pair of scissors
bottom of the map mayne, hog maws and gizzards
buzzing like Arenas learn the magic from the wizards
standing in my spot, just hoping they assist us
the world is a bitch and I’m just praying she don’t kiss us
laying in the swisha
praying with a pistol
looking in the sky, getting hookies in my line cause I see em from a distance
yeah, the world look better from the roof top
and my girl feel better when the coupe out
and we just go bag shop
hard body with the rag top
I over did it on em

By far, “Khloe” was the realest and probably best song on this project. Not because I’m a father with 3 kids and 2 of them girls and had some of the same thoughts, feelings and actions (OK maybe a lil bit). I think because it sounded authentic. You could hear the pain and the depth of the story. This would make a great visual.

You don’t even have my last name
I swear to God your soul pumping in my last vein
looking like my sister what a lil mess
why the hell I waste my money on that blood test
trying to deny a blessing
whats hurts more is not seeing yourself progressing
I repented I shall never miss a minute
I can tell you now Khloe you almost wasn’t living
I was begging to abort, begging to abort
making some excusing bout some things I can’t afford
tell the truth me and ya momma wasn’t on one accord
really don’t matter though, we all here for yours
had a couple dreams but that really ain’t important
looking in your eyes like this baby so gorgeous
calls with my mother, thats what got me through
finding acceptance in what he want for you
see I had this girlfriend and she ain’t know the truth
looking through my pictures like this baby looking cute
looking back at me like this baby look like you
broke down on the phone and I ain’t know what to do
I guess she said he ain’t really good enough for me
you deserve way more than what good enough could be
everyday I wake up like I got something to prove
I can no longer think that I have nothing to lose
this for you, Khloe

In closing, I’m a little confused. I think the project is hot. I wish him the best. I just don’t believe it will work in this region. I love rap music so I was able to listen to it all the way through. I could vibe and feel where he was coming from. I let my girl listen to it and after the 3rd track she was looking at me like, please don’t make me listen to all of this…and she likes rap music. We all know chicks buy albums. I think thats the problem. I’m not sure how it would sell.

Anyway, its a jammer…not one that I’d listen to everyday, but still a jammer fasho. Go Download It. I give it 5 swangs!

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