Show “R.N.C”

This dude Show is slowly but surely making a fan out of me. I’m convinced he’s a wrecker. He creates real street gutter music. You know that music somebody banging when they pull up at the gas station and you don’t know who the hell they listening too…but it go hard…probably this nigga. Turned out was my favorite by far. Lil Randy killed it on that Lend Me Ur Ear Screwtape too.

Show has shown growth with all of the projects I have listened to. The music seems to have more direction, more depth and more soulfulness. It’s apparent that he uses his lyrics to portray his life and situations.

full speed down the highway to hell nigga
hustle off hope all I got left to sell nigga
shots in the dark wipe the prints off the shells nigga
nothing to lose spent time trying to tell niggas
circumstances out of my realm of control
watching these lames perpertrate like they held what I hold
in mental prison rebell in this jail of my soul
prepared to riot quite fires ignite in the cold

The production was nice. The mix sounded very professional. He smashed the lyrics. The hooks were decent. I’m still waiting for a video though. It’s time to give a visual. I burned a copy to put in the car. You might hear me pulling up at your local gas station banging it. 5 swangs

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