Big Woods “Country Boy City Life”

After downloading and double clicking the first thing I noticed was that the tracks was on point.   The mix down was dope too.  It sounded very good, very professional, especially when compared to alot of the music cats be sending me.  He was riding the beat too…found myself bobbing my head following the lyrics

I work a 9 to 5 and stang my licks at night
that way the laws believe a nigga chillin living right
I’m stuck in grind mode
could care less about hoes
I get pussy when I can’t get no food just so you know

The nigga almost remind me of Big Mike.  He might need to do a Black Laquer remix.  I didn’t enjoy the features too much…they were decent.  I think they took away from the impact of some of the songs.  Versatyle and Rockshow smashed it though. The album did seem like it was missing something.  I’m not sure what it was but it felt incomplete.

Overall, the album was jamming.  I’d buy the next one.  4 swangs.  Check this video.

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